Siebecker, Magdalena

Birth Name Siebecker, Magdalena
Gender female


Her name is given in various places as Katherine, Caroline, Lena, and Magdalena.


Family of Herbst, Henry F. Jr. and Siebecker, Magdalena

Married Husband Herbst, Henry F. Jr. ( * 9 Jan 1848 + 28 Jun 1927 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Herbst, Mary Fredericka6 Nov 18746 Jun 1946
Herbst, Jacob Carl1 Dec 187829 Jul 1953
Herbst, Maggieabout Apr 1882
Herbst, Anna Louise21 Jan 188515 Apr 1955
Herbst, Ernest Frederick2 Sep 18877 Oct 1946

Family Map

Family Map

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